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Vietnam is a big rip off

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Those who says against Vietnam are usually heavily invested in Thailand   Bar owners, restaurant owners, guest houses or even blogs/news with focus on foreigners   Must be painful

I always use the bus, wherever I am. Vietnam has an android app for each city, showing routes and bus in real time. 5,000VND (25c) for all local trips, 20,000VND for out of town trips.

Vietnam is a paradise so it's a bit fishy read such anti-Vietnam proganda here...probably somebody hired by the Thai Tourism Board...TAT   To avoid the taxi cheats use GRAB or UBER  

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9 hours ago, madmen said:

What tourist is going to fly half way around the world for a well earned holiday to catch a bus? Vietnam is still learning how to scam and taxis plus snatch and grab leading the way


         Bus man would , what a blog , tickets please .555

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Been to Vietnam five times. I only live 100km from the border.


Very underwhelming and quite scruffy except round the lake in Hanoi.


$17 for a semi decent cigar. Food reasonable, coffee magnificent, the rest, meh...

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1 hour ago, amykat said:

Ron Jeremy,


Respectfully, May I suggest that you don’t say to people that they are selling things “far too cheaply” especially a taxi who can’t necessarily control their pricing unless they cheat.  How do you think they feel about that, if they hear that over and over from so-called rich tourists or foreigners??  I bet they feel ripped off and angry ....not happy for sure.  


Even if you give a tip to compensate, better to just give a tip, as if it is only for good service with a thank you, that is more respectful and would leave a more positive feeling I think.


I think you are not exactly new to SE Asia, as in this is not your first trip or you would not be on this forum I think, walking around expressing that you feel everything is so cheap is counter productive to your long term stay here.


I don't feel everything is cheap here, and I simply and politely said I thought the ride was of great value and a 50 cent tip was not over the top.

i am sure the young man appreciated it by the look on his face. And he most certainly wasn't angry, or feeling ripped off.

he didn't understand English by the way.

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18 hours ago, moobob306 said:

I'm just waiting for the kid I have with a Thai girl

will be able to go and return from school on his own  .

And then with a joyful heart ...I will leave "This lovelly place "

So you will leave your kid behind ? 

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I have taken Saigon taxis to some non-tourist destinations in D3 and D7. I have taken many taxis from D1 to the airport and the route has 90% of the time been exactly the same, and only varied due to heavy traffic before they constructed the flyover before the airport ramp. Always got there on a reasonable fare and routing. 

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On 8/18/2019 at 4:31 PM, Cadbury said:

<snip>.I use taxis almost every day in Vietnam and have done for 12 years find them a very honest lot. Maybe an odd one occasionally tries it on.

Look like a sucker, behave like a sucker and you will be sucked.


Go to a different part of the world, where you haven't been for 12 years and have no idea what the rules are, and you'll be a sucker like everyone else. 12 years anywhere and you know every scam in the book ... but don't misinform people on here that Vietnam taxi drivers are "a very honest lot" ... the majority who spend time there know thats a <snip>


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