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Bad Guys Out! Immigration chief outlines latest busts of foreigners

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1 minute ago, gamesgplayemail said:


sorry but who would be stupid enough to have 4 kids and then travel with them ?! I don't think that it's possible !







You back again 😞


No need to keep apologising, your entitled to your opinion, and if I you consider me being stupid to have 4 kids (ever wonder how you got here), love my kids as many dad's do, and yes we go away with them a lot, and enjoy the extra time we all share together in this short life, then yes I am stupid in your narrow mindedness, next trip is Sydney Australia for 12 nights, followed by Phuket on our return for a week, nice places for the kids to see, a family adventure. What will you be doing, sitting in front of your screen watching PornHub, one must get a real life you know 🙂


Perhaps you didn't receive the love you deserved as a kid, pity 😞 and by the way, I kiss and cuddle my kids everyday and tell them that I love them, for life without kids would be less chaotic, adventurous and trying, oh and by the way, the love these kids give me back cannot be measured in any terms, but then again, you wouldn't understand so back to surfing it is for you then. 


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23 hours ago, 4MyEgo said:

..then we have the TM 30 to do here, come to think of it, the 2 and a half hour return drive to IO was a piece of cake when compared to what Australia wanted, who knows, maybe we are out of touch with the rest of the world, and Thailand is just catching up....lol

Wife did the biometrics a couple of months back as well. It's only once and then stored in Oz system for future reference. Was a breeze at VFS. In here TM30 requires getting to the office and finding parking (2 x 30min), waiting in the sauna like immigration milking room for 30-45mins and getting reamed by an IO trainee having an utterly hostile attitude. And it's every single time when moving back to residence, not just once. Oz FTW.

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2 minutes ago, DrTuner said:

It's only once and then stored in Oz system for future reference.

Sort of correct, but in actual fact the biometrics are good for 10 years, so if she is a spring chicken looking to travel to Oz after 10 years, then she will have to do the process again.


All biometrics provided for a temporary residence application are valid for 10 years from the date of biometrics enrolment, regardless of the outcome of the application.


As for the TM30, Mrs has applied for the password so we can do it on the app, no more immigration office, will be doing the same with the 90 day reporting, so it will be immigration once a year for extension, I dare say technology can be a useful tool, if we try, in my case, honey.....thanks for doing this 🙂




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On 8/19/2019 at 3:26 PM, Titan1962 said:

I can understand the need for Thailand to keep track of immigrants in Thailand. But as the above mentioned cases shows the TM 30 doesn’t really help catch illegals,as they don’t report.

But maybe they should introduce say let’s call it a probationary period that we the honest retirees need to follow.For the first 5 yrs of living here we need to report our location as required. Then after that if we have not caused any trouble,or proven to be honest people abiding the laws we get a break. 

Maybe a change to our visa that allows us to travel freely. Permanent address need only be supplied,break any laws relating to the visa would result in losing those privileges.

I see a lot of complaining but not to many solutions,maybe it’s a step in the right direction.

Yes, but that makes sense, so that will not happen.

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