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Foreign Ministry not keen on allowing visa-free entry to Indians, Chinese

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In the past, Malaysia used to give visa exemption to Chinese tourists and Malaysia's tourist numbers were even higher than Thailand's back then. But the Malaysian authorities later removed that privilege when they realised that a huge number of Chinese "tourists" had failed to leave, and so Thailand's tourist numbers overtook Malaysia's. 


Why would the Malaysian authorities worry about the presence of illegal Chinese immigrants when there were far higher number of illegal immigrants from other countries, numbering in the millions, working illegally in Malaysia? Well, we have racial politics in Malaysia to blame for that. The ethnic Malays certainly fear the Chinese more than the Indonesians, Bangladeshis and the Burmese because of the dominance of the Malaysian Chinese in the economy.


But, now that China has become far richer than in the past, I wouldn't be surprised if Malaysia may once again grant visa exemption to Chinese tourists in the near future if the economy goes down.

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