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Train derails going south - parts of the track found at second hand shop in Cha-Am

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26 minutes ago, bluesofa said:

It's very lucky that no one was injured. Having said that, how come the police discovered the track parts only after the derailment?

I'm guessing someone must have ratted on the shop?

I guess there are not many scrap metal dealers in Cha-Am. First place to look when metal part gets stolen would be scrap metal shops.

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2 hours ago, Blue Muton said:

Reminds me of a horrible toad that I once worked with, he had previously served time for stealing a railway bridge, I kid you not.


He was then rampantly stealing from the company that we worked for. The last straw for a mate and I was when he, being our supervisor, lectured us on the subject of theft, telling us that it had to stop! It dod stop shortly afterwards as we reported his activity and he was sacked having been caught red-handed.

How on earth can someone steal a railway bridge?


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Man nabbed over theft of rail screws that caused train to derail in Phetchaburi




Photo credit: Thairath


Phetchaburi police have arrested a man who allegedly stole many metal screws needed to help hold the rails in place on a section of local track– an act which caused derailments of six cars in a train service on Monday.




The suspect is identified as Sompong Khlaikhlueng, 54. Police are looking for a man who helped remove the screws.




Police received a tip-off from a metal scrapping yard, which bought 66 screws and 20 metal plates that are used to hold rails in place, from Sompong and the second suspect.


Police also seized a pick-up truck that Sompong drove to the scavenger shop located in Cha-am district in order to sell the stolen items.


An eight-car train derailed in Phetchaburi province on Monday as a result of the large number of screws and other attachment devices that were removed from a 342-metre rail section.


Six cars of the train travelling from Lang Suan to Thon Buri swerved off the railway. There were no injuries, but the derailment caused a huge congestion of train traffic as well as a hectic transfer of more than 200 passengers to another train.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30375050



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-08-20

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