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Retirement Extension_Income Basis_Phuket

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Went this morning for my 8th retirement extension at Phuket Town Immigration. Not busy at all.
A IO outside Room 103 reviewed my docs - all in order and assigned me a queue number. (5 minutes)


Had to wait approximately 10 min and then I was sent inside Room 103 and right to the IO.
He sorted my docs and then brought out multiple stamps and began the approval process. (no more than 5 min.)
My TM7 was based on monthly income and I had a letter from the Canadian Embassy in BKK confirming my income.
No questions regarding my income although I had brought all my bank statements, just in case.

I had the receipt portion of my TM30 from four years ago and again, no issues.

Then I had to wait for about 10 min for my photo to be taken and get my receipt for payment of my 1,900 B.

Return tomorrow at 1pm with my receipt to obtain my updated passport.


Here are the docs I had assembled for my application:

- completed - signed TM7
- completed - signed TM47

- Embassy letter

- copies of all pages in my passport - signed

- copy of my departure card - signed

- copy of the receipt portion of my TM30 - signed

- pic of myself with the building number - signed

- hand drawn map of building location - signed


All steps conducted with a polite and business like manner by the staff.
Based on other experiences, very easy and almost a pleasant expereince.


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