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Bangkok Barry

Is there any advantage in having a yellow book?

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2 hours ago, CharlieH said:

As usual you will get varying answers to this as there is no (little) consistency by province etc.


Proof of residency

To get an Id Card

Register a vehicle

open a bank account

Register for paying Elec on line

Register for TM30 online


Just few off the top of my head.





Aliens can get an ID card?

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49 minutes ago, beddhist said:

Yes, I got my ID card with my yellow book.


We tried most bank branches in our area and they were consistent: no account without yellow book. Opened my a/c today. No probs, Just a bunch of forms to sign and took about 1/2h. Kasikorn Bank, 12 month fixed deposit @ 1.55% interest. I will check with the IO to make sure it's an acceptable type of a/c before putting the funds in.


I had to renew my passbook and as I'd changed to a new passport it took 15 signatures requested by a clerk who lacked any personality and acted like a robot. It was an interesting experience.

47 minutes ago, thaiguzzi said:

Yeah, pink instead of blue.

I've got one, and the Yellow house book.

Biggest advantage so far is that renewing your 5 year DL is much easier - don't even have to see an IO, let alone visit an office.

Just another piece of documentation showing you mean business as a full timer here.

And for the lack of time & money involved, well worth it.




and you've been here how long?


I've actually been here around 25 years and in our present house for about six, and have only now discovered that my wife never got me listed as a resident in my own (her) house. No malicious intent, just didn't bother. Now that is being corrected, in view of the increased activity due to the TM30.


We've never bothered with the TM30 and probably won't now, even though I sometimes go from Issan to Bangkok for a couple of days and I'm shortly off for a short trip to Singapore at the weekend. It's never been a problem and I don't anticipate one now, to be honest. I don't do 90-day reporting as I leave every 90 days (hence Singapore this time) and have never been questioned by immigration when I've done a border run at Mukdahan. If, and it's a big if, there is a problem in the future I guess we'l pay the fine - maybe to wife's brother who is a senior local cop 😀

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All sounds good to me. Makes me feel a little more 'permanent', even though it's an illusion.


Wife drives, so the license stuff doesn't bother me. I've not needed to drive for about 25 years or more for various reasons (living in a city for most of that time, or being chauffeured around when working), and I'm at an age now where my reactions might not be enough to prevent me from being killed by the 'drivers' here. Don't need the book or card for most of the other stuff either, but it'll be nice to have.

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3 hours ago, wgdanson said:

My Amphur, Bang Rakam, told me I must be married to get one. I said to him 'Would YOU marry her?' My gf kicked me.


Hilarious !!

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Posted (edited)

OP - first and foremost, I think that you need to establish what (if any) hoops your local khet (since I assume from your username that you live in Bangkok) will require you to jump through before they are prepared to issue you with this "hallowed" book; and then weigh these up against the benefits which others have reported, as applicable in your case.

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