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UK plans to end EU freedom of movement immediately in no-deal Brexit

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8 minutes ago, Loiner said:

Can if you want but I think we’d simply settle for “Paperz...” and production of their Resident Permit. If they are not a tourist or on a business visa, they are illegal.

Sure, the pensioners throw out

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1 hour ago, NightSky said:

As long as I'm allowed back to live with my Thai wife when I want to I have no issues with it.


Although I fear that as a British tax payer even now whilst living abroad, never taken anything out and only 'put into the system',  I fear things might get much tougher if I want to take my wife to my home country to stay longer than 6 months thats if she doesn't have a degree and doesn't speak excellent English or have 65k GBP to support herself and if she has a pre existing health condition..


Whats your view on it?

Can't see any reason where a wife should be given any more barriers to staying in the UK, the already substantial criteria excludes them from claiming benefits etc. The amount of time you have been married should also have some bearing on quickly issuing indefinite leave to stay in the UK. (there has to be some safeguards against insincere operators, but there can surely be some provision for those married for a short time).

Perhaps they should ask businesses to post a £62500 guarantee bond for each imported worker!



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