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Using click bait headlines is of course quite common today, and of Thaivisa does of course want that many people click on the articles, but in some cases you are just overdoing it.


For example this current thread:

This headline is just plain wrong, there is no smoking ban.

What they actually did was to say that smoking at home is forbidden if it harms the health of other people, especially children.


So now there are 300 replies within one day, a lot of people complaining about the "smoking ban at home", which just doesn't exist.

Somebody who is alone at home can still smoke as much as he wants.


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The ThaiVisa News Team gathers and disseminates news bulletins from Thai and International sources, and republishes them in the News Forums for our members' information and enjoyment. Our News Team works hard to bring quality content to the News Forums, and should be respected for their efforts.
Comments such as "slow news day" or "clickbait headline" are neither respectful nor welcome on the forum, and will be considered as troll comments and removed and the offending poster warned and/or suspended accordingly.
Except as otherwise indicated in the byline, news bulletins are reprinted verbatim from a mass media source which has given TV permission to use its feed. 
Original articles, especially in the Thai press, often have grammatical mistakes or misspellings. ThaiVisa is not responsible for these nor does ThaiVisa have the rights to alter content it is reprinting from another source. Similarly, ThaiVisa is not responsible for any opinions reflected  or quoted in reprinted news stories.
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