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Thai Masseuse needed for Massage shop on 2nd road

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Hi guys, I figured some of you might have girlfriends or know someone that's interested in a masseuse job. 


Pay is 200 baht per day plus 50% of all massages. If the girl wishes to live at the shop, she's required to pitch in cleaning and rent is 900 baht per month. The job starts at 1:30 pm to 3 am. The shop is currently short on staff so i don't think they get a day off but you can work those details out. 


Experience: It's best if you have experience and already know how to massage, but training can be given for a cost of around 3000 baht(check with owner exact cost).


The girl should be 19+ and fairly fit and attractive. 


Shop name: Maya Healthy Massage

Contact: 082-9841416 or 062-2018679

Location: 2nd road.


You can call or go in person. 


Good luck and feel free to post any questions here!

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