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Hospitalization for Non-Thai Citizens

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I am not a Thai citizen and I just got here in Thailand for studies. I noticed an abscess in my anus so I searched that it could possibly a perianal abscess or anal abscess with fistula. May I know which are the government hospitals in Bangkok where I can have a consultation? I have a health care insurance but I am not sure of the extend of coverage. Can you also give prices for consultation fees and surgery fee for abscess drainage? In the healthcare insurance, it says 40% maximum coverage for incision of anal abscess (fistular in ano) and 15% maximum coverage for incision of wound at anus (anal fissure).

I am looking for government hospitals where I can use my health insurance since I don't have huge money to go to private hospitals.


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There is no restriction on use of government hospitals by non citizens. You can go to any.


But most do not have direct billing arrangements with insurers, you have to pay first and get reimbursed.


Cannot assume it is a fissure or fistula, nor that you need surgery, just because you feel something there. Could be as simple as a hemmorhoid or skin tag etc.


If you are in or near Bangkok I suggest you have a consultation with Prof. Chucheep, a colorectal specialist, at Chulalongkorn Hospital. He can also he seen once a week (I think Mondays) at Bangkok Christian Hospital on Silom. Costs for consultation alone would be under 2000 baht at BCH,under 1000 at Chula aftet hours clinic and just 100 haht or so at Chula public channel though in this last case you would be examined by residents under his supervision not the Prof himself. If a colonoscopy is needed that of course would be additional and scheduled later.


Where are you a student? If a government university stufents can usually get fre vare at an affiliated govetnment hospital.


And what insurance policy is this,? I suspect you are not interpteting it correctly as it does not make sense. Most likely the 40% etc is not percent of the hospital charge but up to 40% of the maximum surgical benefit of the policy in which case it migjt be fine for the average orivate hospital. If you can, post the full schedule of benefits here.




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