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Baht Forecast } 25 BHT to the £

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Just now, ehs818 said:

How can anyone project out almost 4 years and expect any accuracy.

Pick lottery numbers monthly here instead. Probably better odds of being right. Silly.

I would expect members who can predict with that degree of certainty to have gone out and bought currency futures to support their belief

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10 minutes ago, Thingamabob said:

Rubbish forecast. When Brexit is finally over, one way or another, the pound will reach around 45 baht by middle of next year, and will continue to strengthen thereafter.

Well if that were true the pound would already be heading back up as brexit WILL be resolved one way or the other .


unfortunately the OP forecast is probably accurate

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A couple of days ago, after  the slightest hint that a deal might be possible, sterling rose by more than 1%, not a lot but shows to me that if a miracle of a delay to article 50 or an agreement on some kind of deal were possibly there would bd sn immediate jump in the value of the pound. 

Fingers crossed. 

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About as reliable a forecast as those emanating from climate change modellers of what the world's weather will look like half a century from now.


Were it humanly possible to accurately predict currency fluctuations, the world would be full of George Soroses (Heaven forbid).

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i compared 10 currency cross pairs usd, aud, euro, yuan, nzd, ind, can, pounds, euros, swiss... to the baht

2019-2023 in all cross pairs on economics forecast came out thai baht the strongest currency, thats nonsense thailand would be broke.



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16 hours ago, swissie said:

There is no Algorithm or any person born by a woman that can project the value of anything traded in open markets with such accuracy over a given time period.

As far as the £ is concerned, I will say this: There are a lot of "negatives" already priced into the £ in connection with "Brexit". But in case of a "no deal" Brexit, most likely the £ will weaken further.

This is the scenario currently expected within the "currency trading community".

- In case the Brits prepare for a "worst case scenario" (managing to avoid major disruptions of the British Economy, avoiding shortages etc etc), making British Exports competitive on world markets. This would be the time the £ has hit "rock-bottom", spiking up quickly.
It all depends of the "preparedness" of the Brits and how they fit into their "new world".
- A bad time to sell the £ at this time. But there are a lot of folks around (with cash in their hands) to buy the £ at "rock-bottom" price if there are indications that the Brits will be able to digest the Brexit within a reasonable time-frame. (I myself have a little cash in my hands to buy the £ if the time is right).

Strictly my personal assement of short term things to come. No idea where the £ will be 5 years from now. Neither does anyone else. With or without Algorithms. The Clairvoiant Gipsies from Romania all work for Goldman Sachs and live in NY.

We can always ask George Soros 😁


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