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Baht Forecast } 25 BHT to the £

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3 hours ago, Jonnapat said:

A couple of days ago, after  the slightest hint that a deal might be possible, sterling rose by more than 1%, not a lot but shows to me that if a miracle of a delay to article 50 or an agreement on some kind of deal were possibly there would bd sn immediate jump in the value of the pound. 

Fingers crossed. 


Watch it go (relatively) stratospheric when the whole thing gets called off.


Did I just say that?


Look out! here they come:




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19 hours ago, mommysboy said:

Have they been accurate in previous forecasts?

Now it´s about the crazy man Boris Johnson. The £ dropped 5 baht in a few days after he became the new PM.

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20 hours ago, NCC1701A said:

they forecast a additional 31% drop by 3.5 years from now.



Jun 25.761 24.688-26.746 25.717 -31.5%


Ja that is one massive fall. That 800,000 THB for retirement will then be very difficult. 21K pounds to 37k? Thats a massive jump.

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Forecasting is always difficult, especially of the future. Economists spend half their time making predictions and the other half explaining why they were wrong.

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On ‎8‎/‎22‎/‎2019 at 5:19 PM, JonBreadMan said:

Why do they think a big drop in Oct, Just when I get back from the UK.... Is not Breakfarse end of Oct

Probably because your pm can't wait to get out the EU without a plan somewhere in october.

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13 hours ago, soalbundy said:

You're not that vicar who predicted the rapture are you?

The rapture is an evangelical thing. Vicars are English. The British economy is one of the top ten strongest in the world thus the weak pound does not reflect the strength of the economy but the uncertainty ovet Brexit.  Thailand is one of the worst economies in the world and the strong baht is not a true reflection of economic strength. Once the UK leaves the EU the euro will crash too.

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