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Index Fund & ETF Investing as a Kiwi Expat based in THAILAND

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Hoping to get some advice from some investing gurus here.

I am a Kiwi that lives in Bangkok, married to a Thai and looking at living here long term.

I am wanting an easy low fee and tax optimised way to start an investment portfolio.

I have been researching SAXO as a platform and they look good, however would you recommend UK or SING as a base for the investment?

I would like to be accessing the Vanguard instruments predominantly and be adding savings every month or two.

Any help is appreciated.

My wife and I will also be doing a wee bit in the SET50, any advice on best low fee place to attack that also.

Thanks in advance! 😃

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i would go with interactive brokers over saxo as they have no custody fees only a monthly activity fee if you don't trade, but that is free if you have a balance over 100K (cash, stocks, bonds, etc)


very happy with them. easy to set up, minimal docs required and great support too

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If you are working and paying tax in Thailand LTF and RMF funds are tax deductible.

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