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Looking for a rent house Lamai or Hua Thanon Koh Samui

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Looking for a rent house in the Lamai or Hua Thanon area of Koh Samui, minimum 2 bed, furniture is not a factor (we have our own), prefer if it has a car park, we will be renting at the minimum 1 year, max monthly rent 15K.

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Wise of you to rent. Never buy property in Thailand.


Many real estate developpers in Thailand will cheat you with the service or with the final product delivered. 


Be very cautious and suspicious mostly of the farang developpers who are sometimes worse then the Thais.


Expats arriving in Thailand, naively prefer dealing with farangs when purchasing property, generally houses and end up getting cheated.  Either with the wrong finishes in their house, the quality of the construction materials,  highly overcharged compared to the real cost, getting scammed if in a developpment with overrated monthly "maintenance fees" , wrong products or missing items when upgrades are requested, or sometimes plainly robbed of their first downpayment,  with no home delivered. Not sure about condos, but with villas and houses, be more then suspicious and think twice before you sign. Good Luck.

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