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Looking for a trailer torsion axle in Pattaya to build a small motorcycle trailer

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Hi there:)


First of all I'm new to this forum, and new to fora at all. So please don't mind my clumsiness in digital conversation;)

I'm reading here for quite a while now and find it an enormous source of helpful information.

But now it is time to ask a question myself.


I'm looking to build a small motorcycle trailer to haul my bike with me across country. I find all the parts I need to be accesible, exept for the axle......

Preferably I am looking for a light duty torsion axle but I am willing to be creative.


So my question for whoever reads this:

Does somebody perhaps know a place around Pattaya where I could find such things? Or perhaps a scrap/junk yard where I maybe can find a rear axle off a small car or such?


Ps. I know about the fact that all trailers have to be registered in thailand and that this is near to imposible, but I am willing to just go with it unregistered and see what happens. Luckly I'm not that faint of hart or easily stressed;). So please don't let this discussion go down this road, though any helpful pointers are always welcome.


Many thanks in advance,




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