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Easily send USD or Euro to Thailand. Receive same day. No transfer fees.

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Easily send USD or Euro to Thailand. Receive same day. No transfer fees.


Targeting financial services to expat, digital nomad and cryptocurrency communities, the fintech challenger Everex.io came with a new and interesting service of using blockchain for instant cross-border transfer and domestic money exchange. Serving currency corridors between USD, EUR, crypto and THB, Everex offers huge savings on currency exchange, transfers, and most importantly, free cardless ATM withdrawals.


When you run out of cash and it’s time to get a new stash, that’s when most of us get caught with 200-220 THB ATM international withdrawal fees that are charged by banks on the top of the currency exchange rate, which may reach additional 4-5%. Everex found a way to deliver THB only for around 1% over interbank currency conversion rates. There are no additional fees or commission, whether you do transfer to Thai bank account or request cardless ATM withdrawal. And what’s cool is а real same day delivery and no withdrawal fees. Bank account or card is not required to use this service.





How it Works


  1. Sign up and verify your identity. After verification, add THB to your wallet by depositing the quoted amount in EUR or USD. If you are a crypto friendly person, you can use DAI (USD) or EVX token to send to your wallet address.
  2. Once Everex team receives your funds, THB will appear in your Everex wallet within minutes. If you transfer EVX or DAI it will appear on your Everex balance automatically.
  3. To receive cash in THB, locate Withdrawal function in the wallet and specify how you want to receive it: via ATM or Thai bank account. If you select Cardless ATM, note that there is 20,000 THB limit per transaction. For bank account withdrawal the limit is 30,000 THB. No bank account or card is required for ATM withdrawals. Nor you will pay any withdrawal fees.
  4. This service is available in any major city in Thailand, including Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and other popular destinations.

Do you first transfer with Everex Wallet. For more details visit Everex site



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