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Getting added to Blue Book

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29 minutes ago, LukKrueng said:

every time a Thai person changes his address (move into new blue book) they have to change their id card and driver licenses which is both a hassle and costs money. That's why unless they have a permanent or at least a very long term address they prefer to stay registered in a family's book

Thank you, and thanks you other guys who explained good to know.  The only thing that is troublesom than for Thailand is if they like to keep track of their citizens and try to know real true numbers of i.e. how many people lives in Bangkok or Khon kaen or Pattaya and the villages up north or south....


Like we have it in falang countries I guess Thailand have wrapped themselfs into so difficult measures that it is impossible to know anything about their own population.



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Are you of Military Service age? You may want to think twice if you are.

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31 minutes ago, Markus700 said:

Can i get ID Card if i have the yellow housebook?

Pink Id card!



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