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Uninvited people at wedding


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So Im getting married (non-formal ceremony) in 3 weeks in Thailand. So far so good. Had some minor problems but always found a solution that worked for both sides. I have great parents in law.


But i just had a talk with my wife and she said that there will be probably more people coming than we invited. She told me it is pretty common that invited people will invite another people to come with them. We gave invitations to all people that we want to come. We have included boyfriends, girlfriends, wife, husbands, close family etc... but we should anyway expect more people to arrive. No one knows exact number.


I asked where those people will sit ? What they gonna eat ? She said that they have to find some space somewhere. And they will not eat or order something a la carte.


I just don't understand, is this a real thing ? Did this happened to someone at his wedding ? If yes, what was your solutions tfor  ? I just cannot imagine that someone not invited will appear in my wedding and I don't have a space or food for them. I mean it is not my problem, but anyway it would bother me.



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weddings seem to be pretty laid back affairs, a thai friend married a thai guy recently and sent me photos, it was interesting to see some guests dressed to the nines and others in jeans, t-shirts and trainers, zero effort to dress for the event, everyone seemed happy though which is the main thing.

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My  experiences from isaan is that formalities don't really exist, people seem to pop

in and out all the time, weddings, whether involving a foreigner or not seem to be a free

for all and the whole village pile in.


I would just budget for more food and drink and try and enjoy the day, as long as you've got 

somewhere to sit and something to eat you'll be fine.


Of course if you're having a formal western style do in a hotel with seating arrangements

then I can see there could be problems!

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Your Thai lady will be honored in her village by wedding a person of means...all who live there are potential guests...invited or not...this is Thai culture...roll with it...be a good sport and smile a lot...this too will soon pass...👍

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Why get excited megapix? It is normal here for many invited or uninvited people to come to a wedding.

As previously said village weddings are very informal, many people bring others with them.

Is your problem just because you are scared it will cost you more?

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