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Uninvited people at wedding

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1 hour ago, colinneil said:

Why get excited megapix? It is normal here for many invited or uninvited people to come to a wedding.

As previously said village weddings are very informal, many people bring others with them.

Is your problem just because you are scared it will cost you more?

The problem is not higher costs but I have a western style wedding in 5 star hotel and we have prepared seats for all the guests. And I don't know what to do if there will be 10, 20 or more people coming and I will not have a space for them. My wife just tells me that I don't have worry about them because they are not invited.



If my wedding would in a village I wouldn't mind more people coming as it is informal, but in this case it bothers me. 

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7 hours ago, shy coconut said:

My  experiences from isaan is that formalities don't really exist, people seem to pop

in and out all the time, weddings, whether involving a foreigner or not seem to be a free

for all and the whole village pile in.


I would just budget for more food and drink and try and enjoy the day, as long as you've got 

somewhere to sit and something to eat you'll be fine.


Of course if you're having a formal western style do in a hotel with seating arrangements

then I can see there could be problems!

That is exactly the case, I have a western style ceremony in a 5 star hotel with seating arrangements.


I already have confirmed the seating arrangement with the hotel and I have even included 4 seats more just in case. But I dont really know what to do if there will be 20 people coming.


My wife just tells me to ignore them. But how can I ignore someone who is not invited trying to sit and eat with us.

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Seriously, nothing to worry about, the uninvited guests only want to see how much sin sot you pay to the parents so they have something to talk about for the next week. Relax!

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Same in malaysia. My gf friend invited to a muslim wedding. So friend invited me and my gf. 


When groom heard a westerner coming he ordered a box of beer.


i think about 40 invited and about double turned up. Was no issue. One leaves a chair and another dives in there. They rarely sit still for 5 mins anyway. Its for socialising so its not formal at all.


It all finds a way to work itself out.


I didnt get to drink the whole box of beer tho. 

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Luckily we got invited to a wedding before we got married. I was shocked when I saw the groom looking like a dressed up ape. Told my beloved  right away that I didn't want such circus. So we agreed to postpone it until after my funeral. And more than 10 years down the road we still boomboom whenever the bike hasn't claimed all my juices for a given day.

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