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gastroentologist recommendations?

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Hi folks,

I am looking for a gastroentologist here in Bangkok—NOT at Bumrungrad—for ongoing erosive esophagitis problems previously diagnosed as caused by acid reflux.


I know there are numerous ENTs around (otolaryngologist), but I want to see a doctor with more extensive digestive tract knowledge.


Any clinic/hospital/doctor recommendations would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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(same doctor, different hospitals. She can also be seen once or twice a week at RSU Health https://rsuhealth.com/en/rsu-digestive-center/)




(same doctor, different hospitals. he is also at Chulalongkorn and can probably be seen through their after hours clinic but may have long wait for appointment).


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Sheryl, I am just seeing this now! So sorry to not reply. Thanks for these links... Believe it or not I still have not had my stomach checked out (been focused on other organs giving me warning signs...)

Thank you!

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