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Why do farangs go all the way to LOS to eat western food?

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6 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

If high blood sugar spikes killed us I'd be dead long ago as I eat way too much sugar all my life.

Wheat is about as bad as it gets- my friendly health practitioner tells me it's because of the chemicals they use to grow it.

Anyone that thinks western diet is more healthy than Thai food is dreaming. Everything in the supermarket is chock a block full of chemicals.

western food is more healthy for the simple fact its a whole lot more meat in the dish.

the less carbs the merrier for anyone above 30 years old,

not to mention there can be no satisfaction on meat deficit, always craving, always discontent

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Just eat whatever you like. That's what Thais do.

Most Thais also refuse to eat Thai food all the time. 

After a certain amount of time, "foreign" food just gets adopted as part of the culture, like curry was in Britain. 

"Korean" BBQ has well and truly crossed-over and the Thais aren't giving it back. You'll be hard pressed to find one that resembles BBQ the way it's done in Korea, but they sometimes give a nod to its origins by calling it Korean BBQ. 

Starting around 200 years ago, noodles were made here by Chinese immigrants fleeing war and famine and was constantly updated by new arrivals who continued to flee to Thailand up until the early 20th century. The Thais saw the noodles, said "I'll have some of that," and never looked back. Look how Thai the noodles have become now. 


Spicy spaghetti made for Thai taste buds is available all over the country now. 25 years ago you could only find it in a yucky red sauce at hotels and restaurants that expect some foreign customers.

Because Thais also eat foreign food in Thailand.

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