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50kg green sea turtle found dead, bundled in fishing net


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50kg green sea turtle found dead, bundled in fishing net

By Eakkapop Thongtub



The turtle was found washed ashore yesterday morning (Aug 27). Photo: DNP / Thung Thalay Non-hunting Area


PHUKET: A 50kg green sea turtle found dead washed ashore in a protected wildlife area just north of Koh Lanta in Krabi has been brought to the Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC) to confirm its cause of death.


The turtle was found by wildlife officers patrolling Thung Thalay Beach at about 10am yesterday (Aug 27), confirmed Suwat Suksiri, chief of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) Krabi Office for “Non-hunting Areas”.


Thung Thalay Beach is located within Thung Thalay Non-hunting Area, a wildlife protected area on the mainland coast some 26km east of the Phi Phi Island.

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The problem is that the local fishermen are too uneducated to realize that they put the ecological balance in danger by fishing in  protected areas .

We have a coral reef in front of 'our' island . There was a lot of multicoloured parrot fish and other fish that live in that environment , not good to consume , ( too many bones ) , but still they are sold on the local market for 20 baht the kilo . When I take the dogs for a walk to the beach , I always find broken pieces of the beautiful red corals , ( many times with some pieces of fishing nets attached to them ) .  The locals go fishing with nets on the corals , the net gets stuck , they pull and destroy the corals ... and all that for some small fish that not even sell good ... sad . But if you tell them that it would be better to save and protect the corals ( as an attraction for divers ...) and not to use nets for fishing there , they get angry ...!

It is a matter of education for people to understand what they are destroying , but this ' awareness ' is lacking .

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