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Why the Retired Expat Exodus to Vietnam seems very real

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Why the Retired Expat Exodus to Vietnam seems very real

By Dan Cheeseman




Living in Thailand for many of us Expats is what dreams are made of. With a beautiful climate, food and wonderful Thai people, it is paradise. But everything has its tipping point yet we don’t really know what an expats tipping point was when it came to upping sticks and leaving.


There has been a whole number of factors in recent times that has made living in Thailand more challenging, more so for retired expats; with the strengthening of the baht and weakening of domestic currencies causing a serious financial issue. This shifting of valuations has meant Thailand is no longer a cheap place to retire.


I have tried to look for clues of evidence as to what is really happening, and, although some of the data below are questionable, the sum total does help give an indication as to what’s maybe happening.


Survey Insight

Back in August 2018, Thaivisa.com conducted an Expat Survey which attracted over 1,400 respondents. If you were a Brit living in Thailand it was 42 baht to the pound back then, so the lowest it had ever been.  40% of all respondents said they had considered leaving Thailand in the last 12 months due to economic hardship. If that was the case then it could be argued, the figure is even higher now. It is also a fair assumption to believe that of that 40% considering leaving, some have already left Thailand for pastures new.


The survey also revealed a staggering 1 in 4 (26%) survived on less than 45k baht a month. Using the UK versus Thai baht exchange rates it means with further polarization of rates that 45k baht back then is nearer 40k baht today – in less than 12 months. Something has to give.


Full story: https://danaboutthailand.com/2019/08/23/why-the-expat-exodus-to-vietnam-is-very-real/



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1 minute ago, quandow said:

LOS has changed and honestly, I haven't seen any for the better of us expats.

The only things that I've noticed, in Pattaya, is the availability of decent quality Western food. And shopping malls. And better hotels although YMMV on that.

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