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Right on time: Phuket Immigration explain TM30 and TM28 requirements for reporting foreigners

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So as I understand this, I did a 90 day report yesterday (TM47), and I have gone to stay at my friends for the weekend I have to complete a TM28 and my friend has to complete a TM30 within 24 hours. 

You're living in a xenophobic, authoritarian country. That's the reality

Yeah they don’t really want you to do it they just want the fine money as much as they can get

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7 minutes ago, losername said:

I recently returned from two nights in BKK.  The next day, within 24 hours, I reported to my local Immigration Office.  I took a completed TM28 and, because of the confused reporting on the subject, a completed TM30 with me.  With no delay the lady IO processed both forms and pinned the notification slip for each in my passport.  Not only that but she spotted that my 90 day visit was due in two weeks time so she did that as well to save me another trip.  It can work.

did you report a TM30 or TM28 in Bangkok ????????????


No it can't work 😡

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