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What they don't tell you about clearing off to Vietnam

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1 hour ago, robsamui said:

BUT - the upside of moving to V'nam compensates for this. The overall general cost of living is more or less half of living in a big city in Thailand - certainly you'll spend one-third less every month.


So now your life have many problems. But is cheaper. 


Maybe you can find the cheaper worse country and be more happy. Ethiopia is very cheap.


Good luck Rob.


The other thred talk about all the farang in Thailand will leave to go live in Vietnam. 

How many really go?

i think they not like the farang? Because you killed there grandfather, rape the grandmother and bomb there house. Burn the village.


i go there before. Is interesting. 


the people spit INSIDE the restaurant, bar, etc. Yuk.

And not smile. Not “ow jai”

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1 hour ago, robsamui said:

and it's permanently affordable!

thanks for an interesting and informative post...


but! permanently affordable... how is that - do you hedge by buying futures? your 1/2 million dong notes suggest inflation... 

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