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Question - Buddha Statue

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Hi - 


I wasn't sure where to post this and thought I'd try in this forum.


Next month I will be returning to the US and my gf will be traveling with me.  She will stay in the US for a few months and is planning to bring the Buddha statue that she uses in prayers with her.


I have read in several places that it is not permitted for these to leave the country, but don't know if that applies in a situation like this.


It would be a very unhappy time if this was a problem discovered at the last minute in the airport and I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with doing this.  Where would we get the "official" answer?





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In general it is illegal to remove Buddhist statues from Thailand, unless you have a permit which you can get from the Department of Fine Arts. I had several when I moved back to the states in June, I was afraid to bring even smaller mass marketed ones. I asked Thai friends to adopt them, and one very old bronze that had been a gift I returned (I'm not sure I could have even obtained a permit for it). That said I know many are brought out of Thailand so I am uncertain how enforced it is.

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