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British man found dead in his condo in Rayong


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British man found dead in his condo in Rayong
Picture Sanook
A 49 year old British man who was teaching at a language institute was found dead in his condo. 
Colleagues thought it strange when the man failed to turn up for work and failed to answers calls to his phone.
They asked the security at the building to check up on him and his body was found inside the doorway. 
There was blood coming from his nose and mouth and remnants of food around his mouth.
On the table was an unfinished meal and his phone and wallet that was untouched. 
There was no signs of a struggle or foul play. 
He died at the condo in Cherng Nern sub-district of Muang district, Rayong. 
Sanook reported that he had high blood pressure but did not take medication. They said he had returned home at 11 pm after going to work as normal. 
When he failed to show up for work next day colleagues sounded the alarm.
Police believe he choked on his food.   
He had been working at the language institute for two years. 
Source: Sanook
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-09-02
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