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Advice in finding distributors for air quality products

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I have developed a working prototype of a budget Air Purifier and portable AQI Monitor. I am currently looking for wholesalers and distributors in Thailand that can place big orders.


Any advice on where to start? Is there a website where I can list my product? An event where these companies gather? How efficient it is to send emails in English language to these potential distributors? Is it better to call or just go in person?


Thank you

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Dear Sir/Madam,


We're NAPT Biz Ltd.,Part. in Thailand.


We're distributor of Variety of Instruments.


Please PM us.


Thank you.

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I don't think anyone will pay in advance for prototypes with no brand visibility.


Realistically, you need to be looking at consignment. This is where you deliver your product to a distributor and they pay you after they have sold the goods.


Either that, or you can try selling them on Shoppee or Lazada yourself.

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