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Thailand still ranks No.1 in region in road accidents: national think tank (see infographics)

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31 minutes ago, Tayaout said:

51% teens pregnancy? This is huge. In my country I know almost nobody who got pregnant before finishing high school... 

In your country the condoms are skin thin condoms whereas in Thailand I remember some Thais men told me the condoms are so thick that they don't feel anything anymore if they use them. They said "mai sanook". In Thailand it is important to Sanook

So you see the reason for 51 percent pregnancy. I couldn't believe this figure, I don't think it's that high. May be possible because abortion is widely done and very cheap.

Do they have the "Lunch time abortion" in Thailand

In France they have the "5 to 7" sex . After work 5 pm boom, boom and go home after 7pm for dinner. I remember they called it, "Cinq à Sept"

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7 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

Thailand still ranks No.1 in region in road accidents

it is a genuine Hub, one that they can claim without challenge


There are many other hubs that are obvious but again not claimed - how to upset tourists and expat residents to the point that they are going elsewhere


In summary - how to totally (deleted) off the steady long standing money stream through blatant corruption and stupidity, and we all know the government agency involved - it begins with "I"

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