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Enter the September 2019 Thaivisa Photography Competition

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In the interests of total transparency photographers at all levels ought to be aware that you give up copyright ownership to any/every image you submit to this competition.


Most members are simply pleased to see their work posted, commended by others or, for the lucky few, win Photo of the Month and it's small reward, however Thaivisa.com via it's conditions of entry attains the copyright and may sell or otherwise profit from your photo and you have no right to any financial gain that might accrue.


Mighty surprised to see your photo on a giant billboard, in a newspaper, TV advertisement or on a website!? Highly unlikely however it does happen - the other 99.9% of photo competition entrants would be unaware that their photo was ever used for profit by the competition organisers. 


Even at the lower returns level stock-photo global websites accept photos that meet their requirements (technical or subject matter). They don't pay much but provide a small royalty for every purchase from a customer. Your image could be sold hundreds of thousands of times .... those royalties could be contributing to your income. Thr 'right' image, right for a corporate marketing campaign, would be a high-value saleable item.


If you didn't see the condition of entry relating to transfer of copyright it's because you have to click the link to and read the link to the Forum Rules. Thaivisa.com will argue they have included the condition by including the link. How many of us forget to, or ignore the links? Silly us!  Here is a copy extracted from the Forum Rules, 2nd last paragraph:


"You agree to grant to THAIVISA.COM a non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide, perpetual license to reproduce, distribute, transmit, sub-license, create derivative works of, publicly display, publish and perform any materials and other information you submit to any public areas, chat rooms, bulletin boards, social media, newsletters, newsgroups or forums of THAIVISA.COM or which you provide by email or any other means to THAIVISA.COM and affiliated partners, in any media now known or hereafter developed."


Thaivisa.com are a business organisation who hide a very important Condition of Entry - extremely important to photo competition entrants - behind a link. Willful or accidental? I'm not sure, however I will not be submitting images to the competition. A pity as I am confident that many of you would have enjoyed at least one or two of my photos.




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