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Buying crypto currency

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On 9/3/2019 at 2:19 PM, JoePai said:

Because he was asking you a sensible question - nobody 'needs' to pay by crypto

its not a sensible question. it is absolutely none of his business. he either has an answer to the question asked or he can move on.


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I love how we have these amazing ways for paying for things now, and the people, the ones who should do cart wheels to be able to pay in such a fashion, are the ones too paranoid to use the technology. 


Payments 101


People/citizens: cash and crypto good, empowers the people, detracts power from governments.


Governments: Credit card and any electronic payments good, empowers the government, and detracts power from the people. 


And again, guess which payment method is preferred by the people? That'll tell you how good a job governments are doing in their manipulation of your mind. 

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41 minutes ago, TrendFollow said:

Now we can buy currency in Thailand only through such large exchanges as Binance. But I have a question for those who keep their coins on Binance: are you not afraid to lose coins? In May 2019, it was hacked and my friend then lost his coins. How do you feel about storing online wallets like that? Or is it better to store in a cold wallet?

If you don't control the private key then it's not your money. I love Binance but only use them for the time it takes to complete a transaction. Everything else is kept on a cold wallet. In fact I even have one bluetooth enabled cold wallet with smaller amount for travel and day to day transactions and the rest is on another one that has no bluetooth and is almost never used. 

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