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Singaporean attacks "cheating" Thai wife with scythe after following her with GPS app


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Singaporean attacks "cheating" Thai wife with scythe after following her with GPS app



Thai caption: He used a GPS application to find his wife


Sanook reported that a 38 year old Singaporean man attacked his 29 year old Thai wife with a scythe in the street in Chiang Mai. 


He then called rescue services who took his wife to hospital then waited to give himself up to police. 


He explained that his wife was an attractive woman and they had had arguments about her seeing another man. 


They had two children aged 4 and 5 and had been living together in the San Sai area for several years. 


The man was sick and so his wife did the school run but after she didn't come home for hours he checked on her whereabouts using a GPS application and then drove off to find her. 


He found her in the area of the Hip Condominium in the Chiang Mai business park.


In an angry rage he took a grass cutting scythe from the back of his pick-up and attacked his wife on the back and legs causing loss of blood. 


Mae Ping police let him go as he had given himself up. They said it was a domestic dispute and they would get the husband and wife together to discuss the matter when she has recovered. 


Source: Sanook


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-09-04
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