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Phang Nga group removes huge quantities of garbage from beach


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Phang Nga group removes huge quantities of garbage from beach

By Anothai Ngandee
The Nation




Local officials and volunteers joined forces on Wednesday to collect garbage from Na Tai Beach in Phang Nga province as well as from the sea.


The 100-strong group, led by Phang Nga Juvenile and Family Court senior judge Muan Onsri and Tambon Khok Loy Administrative Organisation president Sombat Jindapol, embarked on the mission of removing garbage that had been swept ashore in Takua Thung district by monsoon tides.




They managed to gather huge quantities of plastic, styrofoam and pieces of fishing tools. Many volunteers said they were glad to have taken part in this public service, as it helped clear away garbage that could otherwise have harmed marine life and the environment.




Sombat said the issue of sea garbage needed a collective effort by all stakeholders as each year millions of tonnes of garbage flowed into seas and oceans causing pollution, harming marine life and impacting the natural food chain. 


He warned of serious damage to the ecosystem if the status quo continued, saying there would be a staggering one tonne of plastic garbage for every three tonnes of fish in the sea by 2025.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30375828



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3 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

Good on them for making an effort, but is it a one off or regular in future? If a one off, just a publicity stunt. The garbage comes every day, 365 days a year.

Yikes! We have do this every day?

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1 hour ago, trainman34014 said:

Should be cleaned and raked every morning by Government workers !

Correct...a beach needs to be groomed, either by the ocean with the tide and waves or by hand....our beach in pattya looks like a motocross track...sand alone is not enough to attract people to a beach...

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 I do loads of things for my useless  community but thankfully never get splashed across Thai  Visa . Can pick up tons of  rubbish daily along by  my land and the locals  happy  to watch me or even complain, not my job. Rural Thailand = one big rubbish  dump

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