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Yala Governor welcomes media members from Indonesia


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Yala Governor welcomes media members from Indonesia




YALA (NNT) - The Governor of Yala, Anuchit Trakulmututa, has welcomed members of the media from Indonesia led by Col. Agus Hartoto, a representative of Indonesia’s Ministry of Defense. The group visited Yala to be informed on the actual situation in the southern border provinces of Thailand and to learn about the multicultural community. The knowledge and information will be broadcast in reports on Indonesian media channels.


Mr. Anuchit gave a welcoming speech to the media visitors from Indonesia on behalf of the people of Yala. He presented them with information about developments and issues in Yala in order to establish a correct understanding of the province.


One of the visitors, Susanto M. Si, said that he had held discussions with religious leaders, soldiers, government officials and representatives of many organizations since yesterday.


Following the discussions, he found that the actual situation in the three southernmost provinces of Thailand was different from what was described in some media reports.


He said the people, whether they are Buddhists, Muslims or Christians, mostly co-exist peacefully in the multicultural community. Their cultures and religious beliefs are equal, and their way of life is very similar to Indonesia.


The information presented to them will be shared with the people of Indonesia, so that they can understand the actual situation in this region. Some media outlets have not accurately portrayed the situation to the public the visitor said, as the local people are leading normal lives.


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