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133.5M Baht Seawall in Songkhla

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About a month ago I went for my morning run/swim on the beach at U-Tapao Temple in Ranode, Songkhla, only to find the beach was gone -- and a new project underway.


After asking a few locals, I found the blue sign announcing the project all torn up and strewn over the sand with all the other plastic trash and garbage that mars what could otherwise be a pretty nice beach.


It turns out that the project is a seawall funded at 133,500,000 baht.


The obvious rationale is to stop beach erosion, and I know from a previous story I did [back when print media still existed] that the erosion has already moved the high tide mark in the area about 20-meters inland.


In fact, many of the old people who grew up in the area point out to sea when asked where they were born.


I always thought the erosion was mostly due to all the prawn farming in the area, which has totally ravaged the landscape. Officials said as much, but I guess global warning could be playing a role as well.


Anyway, I originally thought the project was just to save U-Tapao Temple, but now it appears that the entire beachfront of Ranode (from Paktrae north to the border in Huasai, Nakhon Sri Thammarat) is going to be walled in , affecting hundreds if not thousands of families. I still need to learn more and confirm if that will be the case, however.


Anyway, I know there aren't many posters living in this area, but I just wanted to document this since there is no mention of it anywhere in the media, Thai or foreign.


I will try to continue to update and add info as I learn about it, especially if this 'development' strikes any interest among other posters in this forum.




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Well unless they root this wall on deep and strong foundations and then buttress with a lot of rock the sea will have its way sooner or later.


Will be interesting to see how they anchor the wall and protect it. But you'll be losing your beach for a sea wall.


From Google Earth you can see what happened to the previous sea defence along the coast to the north of the Huasai - it's sitting about 100m off the current coast line.



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The area used to be an island before the inlet silted up to create lake Songkhla; Phatthalung had a port, back in the days of Singora and Ligor.

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