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Busted! Canadian woman stole a bag at Suvarnabhumi carousel


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Busted! Canadian woman stole a bag at Suvarnabhumi carousel



Picture: Sanook


Tourist police at Bangkok's main airport have announced the arrest of a 47 year old Canadian woman for theft of a bag.


They didn't have to go in search of the woman - she came back to them. 


A warrant for theft or receiving stolen goods at an airport had been issued by the Samut Prakarn court on September 4th. 


This followed a report from a passenger of the theft of a whole bag at a carousel on August 27th. 


The police found out who the thief was, her travel plans and waited. 


On Friday she turned up to check-in for a flight to the UAE and was promptly arrested and charged with theft from an airport or receiving stolen goods. 


She reportedly admitted the theft and said this was her first time. 


Source: Sanook


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-09-10
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10 minutes ago, Dmaxdan said:

Crazy, she had no idea what was inside. It could have contained some sort of contraband substance. 





Some people who are running drugs panic at the last moment and leave their contraband on the belt.

She could have really come unstuck had that been the case, who would believe her if she had said

"sorry I was only trying to steal the case"

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 2 things I do not understand


1 where was the actual owner?


2. There is another guy with her why was he not charged also


3. I guess customs did not check the bags.


China is not the only country to ask for your slip pakistan used to do it also


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