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Busted! Canadian woman stole a bag at Suvarnabhumi carousel


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22 hours ago, webfact said:

Tourist police at Bangkok's main airport have announced the arrest of a 47 year old Canadian woman for theft of a bag

For a moment she thought she was at the Sushi bar & liked the look of that one !

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7 hours ago, gk10002000 said:
14 hours ago, Bangkok Barry said:


Too logical and easy for Thailand. They used to do it in the USA too. I don't know if they still do as I haven't been back since 2002, after being appalled at the brainwashing that was taking place a year after 9/11. Plus being fed-up with stuff like taking two hours to get through immigration and missing connecting flights because their computer system was down - twice - and an x-ray machine that couldn't tell the difference between explosives and the silver paper on a pack of mints in my pocket, and .......

Very few airports actually check your baggage against your checked in baggage receipt or even name.  LAX for a little while many years ago used to have a person standing there and looking at tags.  Have not seen it in a long long time in just about every USA airport I have traveled through.  Going through customs though, I would have thought they might check the bags, but if one is waived through and not inspected, I guess they would not


Sea Tac, Vancouver and San Fran. You do Immigration, Then You get your checked bags, go through customs. Not that they search you, they can but rarely, you go through with your checked bags that they have delivered via carousel to you. You then depending on the airport, re insert to send to carousel outside or hand carry out – either way that is filmed. If you have to reinsert bags to 2nd carousel, it gets there about the same time you so. That actually is a very  effective deterrent to theft.


FYI if someone is going to steal something  it most likely be on departure and that would be carry on, likely TSA personnel when you are going through the scanners. Thanks TSA

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3 hours ago, LomSak27 said:

FYI if someone is going to steal something  it most likely be on departure and that would be carry on, likely TSA personnel when you are going through the scanners. Thanks TSA

Yesterday at Buriram airport someone forgot his watch at the security scanners. An airport staff went through the departure lounger for about 10 minutes to find the passenger who had left it behind.

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Someone once took my bag by mistake (in NZ), their bag, exactly the same as mine but with a different ID card and lock on it was the last bag on the carousel, it was easy to determine what happened. 

The Airline contacted the guy, who was by then over an hour away from the airport. The Airline advised me to take his bag to my hotel where this guy would meet me and do the swap. 


No chance!... I reminded the Airline staff of the risks I would face carrying someone else's bags through customs - I couldn't believe they'd actually advised that. 

The airline also asked us to wait for the guy to return with my bags, with a 10 month old infant in tow we said no, we had to get to our hotel. 


Ultimately the guy who'd mistakenly taken our bag dropped it off at our hotel with an apology note and a bottle of wine which made the world right again.



The event did make me wonder - after a long flight, how many tired people pickup the wrong bag and walk out of the airport - its easily done and few airports check this. 

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20 hours ago, IAMHERE said:

Well, anyways, fine enough job by the Police who figured out who they were and that they'd be back. Good catch and detective work.

The police here can be very efficient if they want to solve a case, it would take months to find them in Europe, if not impossible. 

The pink suitcase that was stolen belonged to a Chinese tourist I believe. 


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On September 9, 2019 at 8:56 PM, Inn Between said:

Times are apparently tough for Canadian tourists and expats these days. 😉  Trudeau has dragged their dollar value down, and the Thai economy has boosted the baht



Young Justin is about to win another term so can't be doing such a bad job.  Our dollar took the dive when Harper was Prime Minister.  As a Canadian I hope she gets the book tossed at her for giving us a bad name. 

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On 9/10/2019 at 1:56 PM, kingstonkid said:

 2 things I do not understand


1 where was the actual owner?


2. There is another guy with her why was he not charged also


3. I guess customs did not check the bags.


China is not the only country to ask for your slip pakistan used to do it also


Phoenix, too, for 20 years plus. 

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