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Personal Income Taxes in Vietnam

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I would like to know, about income taxes in Vietnam.

I won’t be working locally there. I work online and get payed in USD, currently to my Thai bank acc.


I have read some info online, that people who spend 180 or so days in Vietnam are eligable for PIT even tho income is earned overseas. (?)


How does this process work?


This doesn’t include pensions and insurance payouts.


Would like to hear from people who live in Vietnam, but earn their salary from outside countries.


Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.



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Moved to the Vietnam forum.

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I doubt very much that you would have to do a PIT. The authorities are more concerned about people working in the country and not paying tax.


Also tax avoidance in Vietnam is massive and the PIT system is very inefficient. Follow the rule of most expats and do not volunteer any information until you are asked.




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