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Bought new car: rust on disk brakes after 3 days

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Hello everybody

I am no expert on cars, I have had 2-3 new cars in the past but really have not expertise as I just said so i am here asking advice.

My wife bought a new Isuzu truck and last thursday was delivered to us. 

The first 2 pictures are exactly from thursday morning and of course disks brakes were in perfect conditions as you can see.

Then saturday it rained and I was around driving our new car and the day after, sunday morning i noticed rust on the disks brakes on both the front wheels (pics 3 and 4). A lot of it.

Yesterday We visited a mechanic who told us Isuzu would have put the anti-rust on the brakes so then went to meet the Isuzu dealer that sold the car and they told us the rust was absolutely normal

and that there is nothing to do about that. They said this occurs to all new Isuzu cars and there is no reason to worry about.

I tend to believe them and I am sure they are right cause i am no expert.

By the way better to ask for advice: is it perfectly normal like they said?


Thanks in advance


freni a disco.JPG

freni a disco2.JPG



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57 minutes ago, Sam Lin said:

This is completely normal, you can glance in the wheels of other cars next time you're in a parking lot.

Honestly i did check other cars in a parking lot and of course i found some with rust but no rust in apparently new cars like ours.

I'll do it again

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I just checked our Mu-X (same rotors), unpainted and surface rust, it doesn't seem to be as visible as yours but it's no issue.

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