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TM30 With 90-Day Report At CW?

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Thanks for info,  went to site put in pp number,plus ref- number my other half tells 

me they cannot find me...... (message comes up) and I thought I HAD CRACKED IT

i hit green button and it sends me back for pp details and ref number fed up have 

filled  it in 5 times......

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There is no requirement to do the report in person after a trip out of the country.

Update - my mail report to Bangkok did not include Tm30 receipt but was received on August 2 and processed on August 20 and receipt received on September 10.  Appears there was and may still be a dela

Immigration does not accept online reports from me or others that last entered the country before about 2013 as we are not in their database and they have no procedure in place to add us.  So yes ther

15 hours ago, lamyai3 said:

I can picture it now...


"Mister, my system shows you make trip every weekend in the last three years. Have to pay fine 120,000 baht for you, and same for landlord..."

I got 15 years of non compliance, I might ask them 'did you lose them?' I just lost the last receipt. 

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2 minutes ago, jacko45k said:

I got 15 years on non compliance, I might ask them 'did you lose them?' I just lost the last receipt. 

Indeed, it'd be hard for them to prove they hadn't. I've non-complied since 1998, so I've lost count of how many previous offences I must have racked up.


I'm tempted to tell them I blew the spoils of my TM30 ducking on a GT200 bomb detector. Since they also bought more than 800 of them (at 600 large apiece) they've got to be sympathetic. 

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4 minutes ago, OliverKlozerof said:

got my 90-day confirmation in the mail on the 18th (2 days ago). I sent it by mail Aug. 26th, 24 days ago

What date were you supposed to notify your adress, please? 

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