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South Carolina man burns down home because he suspected wife of affair, police say

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Cops say a man in South Carolina who discovered his wife was allegedly having an affair is the real homewrecker after he decided to get even by torching his home, which was uninhabited at the time.


Antonio Meadows, 40, was arrested Friday afternoon and charged with second-degree arson, according to jail records from the Georgetown County Detention Center.


The Andrews Police Department told WCIV-TV the incident happened around 11 a.m. on Friday when Meadows allegedly doused the interior of his home with gas and then set it on fire.

Meadows told police he found text messages on his wife's phone that led him to believe she was cheating on him, WCSC reported.


The 40-year-old suffered the lone injury in the incident, reportedly burning his leg while setting fire to the home. He was treated at a hospital after officers arrested him at his grandmother's house less than an hour after the blaze, WCIV reported.



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This incident makes it obvious that such behaviour is NOT exclusive to Thailand.


It causes me to recall another incident where a cement truck driver checked up on his wife throughout the day and found her in the sack with a lover. He did not burn down the home though.

Instead, he filled the lovers BMW with cement.

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So if it was his house, say he did not file any sort of insurance claim and simply wanted to get rid of the place, how severe could the penalty be?   If he had a mortgage on the house he would still owe that balance.  But how stiff could the criminal or civil penalties be?

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