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If you didn't have much to begin with why did you think lending 10 million baht was a good idea. At how many million lent did you start to think I'm stuffed? I think the average bloke with a quid would have pulled the pin long before a million. 

  We aren't talking about some poor sucked that got juiced and lost a house and car you have lent this women 10 million? Wow. 


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On 9/11/2019 at 9:15 AM, Vacuum said:

Is this a joke? Who would lend a Thai gf that amount?

of course, only an idiot is the answer.


This is the way of the classic con. You pay some good dividend early on, to establish trust. 

then thinking all is ok, the mark will then give more.


To fall for a Thai doing this is a different kind of stupid though.


The friend was probably in on it too. 


Knowing its a farang it was always an easy con as they know the system isnt farang freindly.

they effectively have laundered his money and have probably 2 houses now and he cant touch.

no chance to get back blood out of a stone.

its gone!


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