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What options are left for British PM Johnson on Brexit?


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11 hours ago, 3NUMBAS said:

doesnt make sense that he dissed nigel farage as he would have meant a solid block of leavers in his top pocket that would blast corbyn the commy from the 70s


Makes perfect sense to not show your hand in the slightest in politics until the last moment, especially given leakers abound. Boris has restated on FB another 6 times we are leaving come what may on 31 Oct Deal or not. It makes no sense imo to engage with Farage until that date has passed and we havnt left, until then why show any hand  ? it would only give the opposition a heads up and that would include Farage if Boris were to somehow have a plan to fudge everything and force Mays deal through, sadly the most likely scenario imo.. 

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23 hours ago, zorrow424 said:

The UK will never be taken back into the EU fold,that must be obvious,the mood is far too sour.  Determination to leave the EU is far more intense than remainders could possibly muster,never mind the imaginary numbers in fake polls,  if not delivered there definitely will be mass rioting,a tipping point hopefully will not be reached.

  Every trick in the book,every twist and turn deployed to avoid the inevitable,just prolongs the agony .


 It was mass immigration that triggered the 2016 poll result,and is there and increasing today,that has to be addressed the 3 odd million migrants in UK need to

be investigated robustly,  a FoI request as to how many living in the UK are in receipt of welfare would be a positive step to enforce public opinion.  One obtained 6 to 7 years ago was quickly quashed,baroness Flather did the request,no trace of it now,even approaching her for comment in HoL  "They work for Us" website,draws a blank,create too much concern

We have Trump amongst us !

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18 hours ago, Bruntoid said:

Welcome back - though sadly a return with the same level of racism. Thought about a move to Texas ? 


Would the ‘imaginary numbers in fake polls’ resemble the one a few posts before yours from a leaver ? 


Could you give us the final paragraph in English ? 

What do we have here then  ha ha?  a most definitely ex mature adult school leaver,a third wayer,out of options out of anything actually,here to teach English    Gawd what a life lol

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