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How is life for 3 ex-Expats who have returned to UK?

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On 9/12/2019 at 10:58 AM, fhickson said:

that's why most come here initially. the novelty soon wears off.

If by 'soon' you mean ten years, I'd agree with you.

Many of us came here with thirty plus years of desperation & frustration to overcome.

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On 9/11/2019 at 2:56 PM, Scot123 said:

I returned to the UK 5 months ago with my family after living in Thailand for 9 years. We are all loving being back. We could have remained in Thailand as had enough of an income however the decision to move back was mostly due to immigration attitude and uncertainty what tomorrow might bring (having 6 police vehicles turn up at my house full of police did not help). Last October I started comparing prices and found UK was far cheaper for us. I hated driving in Thailand and now am enjoying driving. The quality of the food is far better here and I do not need to worry about slowly being poisoned and I'm even eating fish here. Utility bills were worrying me but at the moment I'm only paying £50 a month. I don't drive a 3lt suv so my costs are half what I was paying. So happy to be home. Obviously we miss friends and the sun but we have had far more barbecues here than in Thai (dengue twice kind of makes you think twice). Love Thailand shame what they have done to her since 2006. We will go there for holidays only. Oh clothes are cheaper here than Thailand it's unbelievable. 

I suspect however that you will need to buy and wear more clothes than you do in Thailand.

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12 hours ago, BobBKK said:

You think most people do not come for the girls (or boys)?  seriously?  all those old farangs with their young 'new loves'? let alone the ones who 'scatter the seed'?  you are entitled to your opinion, of course, but this bucket does not hold water.

Do you  live in Pattaya ?

100 of people going to Pattaya , go there for prostitution , the people that go to other places are not going there for prostitution , some may indulge occasionally .

  The pick-up bars are empty in most places in Thailand and its quite rare these days to see an ex-pat walking around with a bar-girl on his arm .

  It was quite different 10 years ago though , 30 years ago , the sex-pats were the majority, not these days though

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2 hours ago, BritManToo said:

If by 'soon' you mean ten years, I'd agree with you.

Many of us came here with thirty plus years of desperation & frustration to overcome.

I don't know whether to use the "like" or "sad" icon, so I'll refrain. A lot of truth in the second sentence.

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On 9/11/2019 at 11:44 AM, cyril sneer said:



not for me thanks

If you attended church a little more often, then maybe they wouldn't shut them down.


Do you have any idea what a Sharia council is and what they do? I'll give you a clue, they 

don't authorise hand amputations or stoning, they largely deal with domestic issues within

a Muslim community.


They hold no power of law and are largely seen as a positive agency by the police and

mainstream council as a way of bridging cultural divides.



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On 9/12/2019 at 5:56 PM, johnnybgood said:

I'm currently lining up my UK ducks after yonks in LOS
here's a coffee break scrible.


friends with provenance
common sense everywhere
weather is fresh 
negligible pollution 
windows open
fewer insects
service people/staff are keen
local government have civility &
know what they are doing
bus pass/library /eye tests etc.etc    free or discounted to pensioners 
choice of public transport everywhere with helpful employees
no mass of mopeds everywhere in the city
pedestrian areas 
leisure walks 
beach walks with   
absolutely minimal plastic washed up
pavements clean
controlled dogs
live football timing agrees with my bodyclock
long evenings + early mornings
bookies everywhere
lots of gamblers
sweet fresh water from the tap
real newspapers
carpets and wooden floors 
reading sunday paper on the carpet
no more infantile chat  
use my own accent 
my local area I always meet an old harigold
conversation with people you don't know comes naturally
most people take care of their reputation as they 
have friends and family to answer to
no smoking means.... 
red light means.... 
parking ticket means.........
not so many smiles  ....but they're genuine
our police really are wonderful no bribery required
police do know the difference between good and bad people
UK barmaids doing their job without tips  
shops and businesses are open AM
people that can walk and chew gum at the same time
coffee bars open early AM
great diverse selection of beer 
great pints at normal prices (witherspoons 74baht for a real ale)
natural blondes
yoga pants 
too much much makeup
fat asses 
bad teeth
good banter/patter
many people on disability
lots of blokes with NHS walking sticks 
haircuts expensive but you still get asked about your holidays
having to do my own manicure/pedicure
things just appear to make sense. 
home is where you want it to be.
I'm looking forward to my retirement there.


Buying things like cheese ,pickled onions , peas carrots , liquorice allsorts , HP sauce etc are NOT luxury items and are a 1/4 the price of Thai supermarkets

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On 9/11/2019 at 11:36 AM, WhatupThailand said:

Maybe you should have gone back as an Illegal immigrant, that way you would get free house,

big government check monthly, and a free pass for anything else you need.

BUT you have to have a beard.....

And several wives.

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On 9/12/2019 at 12:20 AM, rickudon said:

Strictly speaking, true. However Ethiopia, Libya, Iran and Iraq were all occupied by the UK for some periods during the 20th Century, leaving behind their language and a certain level of familiarity with UK culture. As a result, somewhat natural when you become a refugee that you would seek a country you know something about.


As for 'most' illegal immigrants coming from those countries, not true either. Most come from south of the Sahara, and the only countries that make the list for over 20,000 migrants are Iran, Iraq and Libya. Of course data is somewhat opaque and illegal migrants also become legal ones. The only non-European countries who make up the top 10 for migrants are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria. Libya is number 60 on the list.

Let's add that if Algerians and illegal Moroccans find themselves in Dover, they are millions settled in some French suburbs.
Which brings back the insulting message of Sunnyboy in its original trash.

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On 9/12/2019 at 10:08 PM, Scot123 said:

Wow! The whole post is about expats who left Thailand and returned home. Actually I was as much as you can be familiar with immigration rules considering  in October the dust had not settled about embassies telling Thai immigration to wind their necks in about verifying income letters (unlike many on here I never once blamed the British embassy over this issue). Fact in October I went to the immigration office to check on the rules so please wind your neck in. I quoted their answer "only 800,000baht". It was my wife who told me to check 

As we were about to start building a large extension in a couple of days. It was you who said you did not have to do anything ie have 800,000/400,000baht in your account etc.... This was surprising to me as its the rules.  Now yes they did bring out later that bank account history could be used but that was not the case for 3 months. Again fact!!! Now back to topic which being one of the expats who moved back home which is what the post is about I am in a very good position to make valid remarks. Yes you do not know who I am as well so please do not tell me to research before I post a Comment!!! It's about expats moving back to their own countries which I have done and you have not! As for your 30 different countries so what the post is about leaving Thailand and moving back home again which I with my family have done. Do you realise how stupid your remarks are. Keep on subject. Once and a while take off the rose coloured glasses. Oh I've been in quite a few countries but that was mostly with the military. 

It seems that you have great difficulty in understanding some elementary principles.

 1 - Only US, British and Australian nationals are required to deposit bank accounts. Those of other Western nations still use the income letter validated by their embassy.

 2 - The few examples of grocery prices you give are obsolete. On Numbeo, the cost of living reference, the comparison gives the following results:

Consumer Prices in United Kingdom are 28.17% higher than in Thailand
Consumer Prices Including Rent in United Kingdom are 36.85% higher than in Thailand
Rent Prices in United Kingdom are 64.37% higher than in Thailand
Restaurant Prices in United Kingdom are 179.60% higher than in Thailand
Groceries Prices in United Kingdom are 1.30% lower than in Thailand



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On 9/11/2019 at 5:36 AM, Mike Teavee said:

I suspect you're comparing apples to oranges when it comes to quality,



How much in LOS for a genuine pair of Armani jeans (£100 in UK) or a Jack Jones T-Shirt (picked them up for as little as £5 / < 200 THB in end of season (winter) sales, doesn't matter to me it's 28-34 all year round here so I try to buy my T-Shirts on winter trips to the UK).


Even getting stuff tailored made is no cheaper in Thailand anymore, a (genuine) Hugo Boss suit tailor fitted (OK, not quite tailored made but same-same) in the UK £350, Tailor made suit in Bangkok using the best quality material they had 13,500 THB (£360) - The Boss suit is head & shoulders better quality & a better fit (better cloth = a better drop). 


Oh and the quality of M&S suits for the price is outstanding (wore them for years when I worked in the UK & they lasted for years) 


Thailand is cheaper if you're buying replicas/imitation.no-brand "Wear it a few times then throw away" stuff, but I doubt any cheaper than the stuff you can get in Primark (I wouldn't know, have never shopped there), but is much more expensive for quality branded stuff that's going to last you for years.









True. Also 100 % cotton here in street stalls =80 % polyester 20% cotton

Towels and bed linen are double the price compared to oz pricing

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47 minutes ago, BritManToo said:

Has anyone that moved back mentioned housing costs?

I'm paying 10,900bht a month for my 3 bedroom house in Chiang Mai, if I could rent a house for 36% more (inc council tax) in Surrey or Sussex, I'd go back in a flash.


Looking on Rightmove for Worthing, I'd be paying 1,200 pounds (+ tax) for semi-detached or terraced compared to my current 300 pounds for detached which is 300% more (not 36%).

Sorry for you Britman. :ermm:

Consumer Prices in Surrey are 56.03% higher than in Chiang Mai
Consumer Prices Including Rent in Surrey are 88.67% higher than in Chiang Mai
Rent Prices in Surrey are 213.31% higher than in Chiang Mai
Restaurant Prices in Surrey are 270.97% higher than in Chiang Mai
Groceries Prices in Surrey are 4.48% lower than in Chiang Mai

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