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seeking good sea shipping company BKK -> USA

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Does anyone have good and personal experience with a company that can ship 170 pounds (77kg) of books from Bangkok to the US by boat (3 month service)?  The books do not add up to a full pallet (they are 9 boxes of approximately 12 1/4 x 9 3/8 x 7 3/8 inches / 31cm x 24cm x 19cm) so I will need one of the companies that consolidate a bunch of stuff from multiple customers into pallets in a container.


I know there are hundreds of such companies in BKK but many are crooks, so I am looking for a good recommendation.  I don't want the absolute cheapest; I want the least hassle.  Thai Post is insanely expensive and UPS is an unbelievable and totally unnecessary paperwork hassle (since books are not dutiable in the US).


You can pm me since I don't think this board likes company names who are not paying TV to be publicly named.  Thanks.


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