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My landlord registered to do TM30 online a month or 2 ago, now her registration is showing as successful, but she still hasn't received username + pwd

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37 minutes ago, jirathama said:

My wife is waiting for almost 2 months to get the Password. The confirmation of receivung the application came immediately. This is Chiang Mai.

Yes the confirmation of application came immediately for my landlord too. You can then monitor the status of it on the website. After about a month or 2 my landlord saw that the status was finally showing as successful so should soon for your wife too I guess. However after this there is a further delay of a few days (according to reports in this thread) until you actually get the username and password.

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6 hours ago, catch104 said:

It's been more than a month our application was changed to successful. Still waiting for login and password. Went to Chieng Wattana, they said it takes like 2 weeks. I indicate it's been 30 days already and show them screen capture to prove. They say wait 2 more weeks.. Looks like a 2 weeks forever wait then... 

There was no option for CW officials to look into the system and send the password there and then? I was hoping for this as last resort if the password doesn't come soon, go there and get them to immediately prod the system to send me a password.

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In other news, the postal TM30 I sent off on 5th August has just come back in the mail from Chaeng Wattana - successfully registered both me and my partner! Phew, so at least we have one TM30 on record now.



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