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Doing business In Thailand an absolute nightmare

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1 minute ago, The Man Who Sold the World said:

understand your frustration. In my experience there is such an inherent distrust of foreigners that the Thais will only deal with other Thais. And, only then the status stuff enters so the family elders deal with other family elders. Yes, it makes absolutely no business sense whatsoever, yet, this is the way their country runs. 


Why you always need a "Thai" partner to get things done. When I had partnered with a Thai company, they, did all the interacting with other companies "Thai" agents. Never tried to understand it - just accepted it.



Whatever will be will be, but, yes, mindboggling.


Good luck.

Tried, same result. Got my Thai staff to do all the talking, some did not  know i existed , same result

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I came from the Middle East to Thailand dealing with businesses  was infinitely easier there that was 20 years ago its not got any easier

I wanted about 5 miles of red colored red pipe same as blue water pipe for a trail  order for Sweden a few years ago


Would they think about  changing the colour .......  NO!!!!

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Bickering removed.

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