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Doing business In Thailand an absolute nightmare

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On 9/12/2019 at 1:14 PM, BestB said:

You the one making assumptions not me. So yeah I must be biggest troll while you are what exactly?

Don't worry too much about it. 


I think you only made 1 mistake, you are talking to the wrong audience. 

This is Thaivisa, the retirement forum, there are always people jumping on you and label you, immediately. 


Maybe a better idea to start looking where like minded business people come together, go to BKK, to exhibitions, network with 

right people, visit Singapore, the business hub to SEA, only a 1.5 hour flight away. There are Thai people there as well you can meet at exhibitions and connect to, etc.


On here, you will find zero sympathy for your ideas. You will be sent home as troll, as you can see.


I read through your opening posts, and could see nothing wrong with your attitude, you were very polite asking for info and shared your experience, this here is just to the wrong platform with the wrong audience to do this.








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Its a jungle, and thats really interesting, lots to learn! 🙂 What about this:


Play the same game: get access & get to know some respectable thais, set up a deal where the senior thai gets a handsome sum for a phone call or two. Then get a very junior thai to call around, booking another call with your respectable representative. Remain in the background as the farang with valuable contacts abroad; when the greed kicks in get a solid contract & book a meeting signing, you & the respectable thai 🙂


Its all VERY slow-moving, and perception is everything all the time...

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