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VAT Refunds at Suvarnabhumi Airport

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On 9/13/2019 at 6:54 AM, Estrada said:

I bought a laptop at B100,000 and got the VAT back at the airport. I have lived here 25 years but for a time I was working overseas on a 10/3 rotation so was on a 30 day stay on arrival. I still have the computer here. I don't claim VAT back on a 1 year Non-O, that would seem criminal.

Hope you also do not cross the roads in places without zebra otherwise it would also be criminal called jwalking😉

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6 hours ago, BestB said:

Not it’s not . But you do not get 7% exact , you get about 5%

Many thanks BestB

think I might give it a go next time I buy big

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