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I need help . I have some sort of a redirect virus that takes me to alphashopper after doing a search with google .


There are programs that i see when i do a search that claim to remove is but I am worried

about downloading some sort of another virus



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Do you not have an Antivirus on your computer ?,

you could try Hitman Pro,its free to use for 1 week,

and will get rid of the malware for you,after that

you can just use as a scanner,or uninstall it.it has

no virus if downloaded from its website,just Google


Try to clear your cache first to see if that works,

CCleaner is good for this get free version,

regards Worgeordie    Please disregard Hitman Pro,did not see you had Apple

                                 only works on Windows.




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Hi Install Malwarebytes for Macs.


It’s free for a while just uninstall when your finished and avoid payment or you might decide you want to keep.

It does work.



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